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Microsoft core competencies

Demonstrate your proven expertise in delivering quality solutions in one or more specialized areas of business. Microsoft competencies are designed to prepare you to meet your customers' needs, and to help you attract new customers who are looking for Microsoft-certified solution providers. Join the elite tier of Microsoft partners and stand out from your peers.

Earn a Silver membership to demonstrate your consistent capability, expertise, and commitment. Earn a Gold membership to demonstrate your best-in-class capability within a specific Microsoft solution area. Earning Silver membership or Gold membership competencies also unlocks powerful Go-To-Market offers and programs to help you expand and grow your business.

To acquire silver or gold membership, you are asked to demonstrate expertise in various areas of business and technology. Silver and gold competency levels have different requirements for each of the areas. Within each area are classes and exams that employees in your company can take to achieve the competency level you want. Learn about what's required to earn Silver and Gold membership. Learn about specific Go-to-market benefits available to Silver and Gold memberships.

microsoft core competencies

Learn about invoices and taxes for competencies. Go beyond your gold competency with an advanced specialization. These provide a means for you to showcase proven, verifiable expertise in a product, solution area, or service.

Customers will be able to see both your Gold competency and your advanced specialization in your business profile on the partner directory. To receive an advanced specialization tag, your business must fully meet a set of published criteria and be validated by Microsoft. Learn more. Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure Partner has experience in successfully migrating data warehouses from Teradata, Netezza, or Oracle Exadata to Azure and demonstrates expertise in analyzing existing workloads, generating schema models and performing extract, transform, and load ETL operations to migrate data to cloud-based data warehouses.

Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Partner employs DevOps practices for AKS implementations and demonstrates expertise in deploying and managing production workloads in the cloud using containers and managing hosted Kubernetes environments in Microsoft Azure. Modernization of Web Applications in Microsoft Azure Partner ensures customer success in application development, and familiarity with content management systems.

Demonstrate expertise in migrating and deploying production web application workloads, applying DevOps practices, and managing application services in Microsoft Azure.

Core Competency of Microsoft Corporation

Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Earn a Silver membership to demonstrate your consistent capability, expertise, and commitment Earn a Gold membership to demonstrate your best-in-class capability within a specific Microsoft solution area As a gold partner member, you can add advanced specializations to your portfolio, too.

Competency areas To acquire silver or gold membership, you are asked to demonstrate expertise in various areas of business and technology. Area Subareas Applications and Infrastructure Application development; App integration; Cloud platform;devops; datacenter Business applications Cloud business applications; Enterprise resource planning; Cloud customer relationship manager Data and AI Data analytics; data platform Modern workplace Collaboration and content; communications, cloud productivity;enterprise mobility management; messaging; project and portfolio; security; small and midmarket cloud solutions; windows and devices Silver and gold competency levels have different requirements for each of the areas.

Learn about what's required to earn Silver and Gold membership Learn about specific Go-to-market benefits available to Silver and Gold memberships Learn about invoices and taxes for competencies Advanced specializations Go beyond your gold competency with an advanced specialization. Related Articles Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback?Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Core competencies of Microsoft : Microsoft offers competitive advantage through technology innovation by delivering the right services at the right time by strengthening IT as strategically focused and business aligned organization.

Microsoft has two types of competencies that they can vide a new business. Gold or silver competencies can help set a company apart from the competition by demonstrating a proven skill to potential customers.

Many are defined, but many also remain unnamed. This paper will address only three of those defined core competencies. The difference between a new nursing student and a senior one can be seen in many ways, but can still be difficult to define. The knowledge base and experience level is greater in the graduating nurse, and these can be measured by standardized testing and observation. Discussion Collaboration Collaboration is a competency that is used continually in the medical field, especially demonstrated by nurses.

There are seven core competencies associated with the advanced practice registered nurse. While there is overlap of some of the competencies the nurse executive role and the nurse practitioner role each have specific skills needed to attain expertise in each role.

Nurse executives plan, direct, coordinate and supervise health care delivery. He or she must have expert knowledge regarding patient care delivery, marketing, management, ethics, and human resource management, as well as additional knowledge.

Due to the wide range of knowledge needed, nurse executives Disney Dreamer, This success led to new ideas and one of them was to open a park, a different kind of park. In Disneyland Walt used new technology to bring his characters to life.

Magical Kingdoms, July Together with unique storytelling and high quality of service Walt Disney created a magical environment for his guests which none of the competitors could quite duplicate. To continue to improve its business Disney has set up new cast member standards in the form of the Basics Meeting the new standards, December Explain why you choose these competencies and what do they include behaviorally?

Competencies are the core elements of talent management practices that are the demonstrable and measurable knowledge, skills, behaviours, personal characteristics that is related with the success of the job.

Now,I am not working but I am a math teacher. This includes difficult students, students who work below grade-level and students whose personalities just grate on a teacher. When classroom interaction occurs, a teacher may not be able to identify all the relevant factors that were used to develop a meaningful dialogue. Teachers must put aside their prejudices and feelings in order to treat all students with respect, provide them with equal opportunities for learning.

Core Competencies Stevens-Henager College By Lindsey Merrill November 26, Student: Lindsey Merrill Professor: Robert Robertson Abstract Core competencies provide a framework for the company to build additional products, move forward into other markets, gain a larger market share, and explore new ideas.

Dell Inc. Core Competencies Introduction Dell Inc. The company sold personal computers directly to customers Dell, ByInternet was already well established as a technology supporting a broad community of researchers and developers, and was beginning to be used by other communities for daily computer Based on experience, knowledge, and know-how, they are built up over time and cannot be easily imitated.

For this reason, products and technologies are seldom core competencies. The advantage they provide is short-lived, and other companies can readily purchase, emulate, or improve upon them. Core competencies are more likely to be processes. Processes cut across functional lines and departments.

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Figure 1 shows the processes of product development, order fulfillment, supply chain management, and customer service in contrast to typical business functions such as sales, manufacturing, purchasing, and accounting. As companies become skilled at thinking processes, instead of functional departments or products or markets, a new dimension of strategy opens up.Which one will you go for?

Obviously iPod. How many of you are out there any way? Whom do I exchange music files with? All my friends have iPod, thus putting this Wifi feature out of the scene. Let me quote some of the points that the article made:.

Every company has a core competency. The GUI interface? Maybe they invented NT? Internet Explorer? Nope, much of the technology was from the Mosaic browser, licensed from Spyglass. My view of the marketplace tells me that their core competancy is monopolization. Modularity enables third parties to interact with Windows.

While most normal companies would see this as a customer benefit, Microsoft sees this as a threat to their monopoly. Would people be tempted to migrate away from crash-prone, intermittent and bloated software if given the chance? Better not give them the chance.

microsoft core competencies

Destruction of modularity removes the migration path. Steve Litt said this in ! I just wish that the EU Court decision had come out sooner.

Microsoft has its goose cooked with Vista. Nobody wants it. I was one of the people who thought Microsoft had made a clever move by pricing the Zune as the same as iPod Classic.

They jump into a new business only if it threatens their core business- The OS. Thank you for your detailed comment. Keep visiting! By the time they pimp up this thing after probably another 2 more versionsthe other competitors will move on to something new. I had expected the newer version to be a lot cooler looking. I do like the big screen and it is supposedly lighted than the iPod 80 GB.

But it still looks ugly and that Zune Pad just looks weird! No, I did not just make a typo. Heres a post on it in case you want to see.Microsoft is a big place, and I had joined the Developer Support Team.

It was an interesting team and I was surrounded by people who worked smarter, harder, faster, and more effective than anything I had ever seen before. There were people that built robots and people that built rockets.

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There were former accountants and former professors. The intellectual horsepower was stunning and so was the passion. As a new Softie, I was assigned a mentor and a buddy. My mentor was for technical skills and learning the ropes, while my buddy was for helping me simply get acclimated to life at Microsoft.

While it was great to have a supportive team to help me learn how to spread my wings and fly, what I really wanted was a map for becoming a skilled Softie and improving my effectiveness in this amazing environment. I joined it to make impact and learn the ways of successful Microsoft employees. Success Factors Ask and ye shall receive, right?

Competencies report

I was given a competency framework organized by success factors and core competencies. This was the map I was looking for. The success factors included the following:. It was a simple but powerful set. I really liked the fact that it stressed teamwork, results, and excellence. Core Competencies The success factors organized the core competencies. Here is a map of the core competencies based on my old notes:. Periodically, I scan the competencies and look for areas of growth.

Photo by eviltomthai. Thanks for sharing this. It has been a life long source of strength for me to have that map in my mind and heart as I proceeded on to graduate school one of 11 women in a sea of men. I am pulling out that map again as I work on healing the body — to maximize the resources I have for healing and to keep looking forward.

I am thinking that right now I need an in person advocate on my team…this is proving harder to accomplish. I am working on getting my Dragon Dictate working so I can work on more comments as sitting in the chair for very long is too hard yet!Product Lines Microsoft software products are divided into eight main families.

Microsofts core competencies: Online Services Division: Microsofts search, portal, advertising and personal communications services, including online information offerings such as Bing and the MSN portals and channels.

Core Competencies Assessment

Skype: A division of Microsoft, transforming communications for computers, mobile devices and the connected living room. Business solutions: MS office, project, Visio, live meeting, one note.

MSN: Microsoft network, security essentials. XBox: console and games. Net Framework. Competitive Advantages: Microsoft offers a competitive advantage through technology innovation by delivering the right services at the right time by strengthening IT as a strategically focused and business aligned organization.

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microsoft core competencies

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Document Information click to expand document information Description: Analysis about the core competency of microsoft. Date uploaded Sep 01, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: Analysis about the core competency of microsoft. Flag for inappropriate content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.

Summary of the Article the Core Competence of the Corporation. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Searches Competency Microsoft. JOvie Rectin. Urwin W Staphorst. Iliyas Ahmad Khan.Competencies allow your company to demonstrate your technical capability to deliver Microsoft solutions.

Microsoft competencies are designed to meet your customers' needs and showcase your expertise to prospective customers. They come with a wealth of benefits from Microsoft, such as included quantities of Azure consumption, entitlements for Cloud products such as O, technical support, Go-to-Market offers, etc.

There are a total of 19 competencies today across the following categories: App and InfrastructureBusiness applicationsData and AI and Modern workplace. Competencies are tiered into Silver or Gold levels, for instance.

There is a higher bar for Gold competency and an associated higher level of marketing resources, offers, and programs available. From a life cycle standpoint, partners begin by building on the key performance indicators KPIs that are required to attain specific competencies.

Once they reach the threshold set for a given competency across all the required metrics, they become qualified for a competency.

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Partners can then pay for the competency offer Silver or Gold to attain the competency and become Active in that competency. The competency Active status is valid for one year from the date of attainment of the competency this is called the Anniversary date for the competency. At the end of the anniversary year, partners need to meet the competency requirements. If they do not meet these requirements again, they will lose the competency. An At risk status for a previously attained competency means certain key metrics are projected to fall below the threshold at that competencies Anniversary date.

Each competency has a specific set of requirements to fulfill. Cloud competency requirements fall into two categories: skills and performance. For more information, see your company's Global Admin. Specific types of data in this report may also be available only to users with Executive Report Viewer privileges.

Stages of the competency life cycle include: StartedQualifiedActiveand At risk. Example: Cloud Competency requirements fall under two categories: skills and performance.

Started: Count of competencies for which you have one or more of the underlying requirements in progress. At risk next year : Count of competencies that are currently Active but also At risk of not meeting requirements for next year.

Not all metrics are covered in the analysis. Currently, metrics associated with learning and certification are not supported in the Competencies report. Cloud Business Applications CBA competencies are also not currently supported in the metric analysis for the Active competency status. This view shows a detailed table of all competencies you have attained so far, with competency level and competency stage.

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Business Applications Competencies

Exit focus mode. Competency life cycle From a life cycle standpoint, partners begin by building on the key performance indicators KPIs that are required to attain specific competencies. Competency attainment Each competency has a specific set of requirements to fulfill.But at least one Forbes writer disagreed.

Gupta to give strategy lessons from a "core competence" perspective.

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The concept, popularized in a landmark paper by C. Prahalad and Gary Hamel, refers to the combination of pooled knowledge and technical savvy that allows companies to compete and grow in the marketplace, while significantly benefiting customers. Gupta, the Michael D. Clearly, top leadership matters, said Gupta, noting that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the mind behind iPod, was thinking through his vision for the iPhone, which came later, for six to eight years. Business leaders need to be students of human nature, consumers, technology and trends, Gupta said.

Applying what they learn, business leaders must envision what customers want and what their business will need to offer customers in the future. Even to giants such as Microsoft.

Information about Microsoft silver and gold competencies and advanced specializations

And Windows, which emerged as a success indid not become a hit overnight. How can a company stay committed for 11 years?

Now, the Windows operating system is a commodity and people go to a browser, Gupta said. For example, smartphones use applications created by many companies. The Robert H. Smith School of Business is an internationally recognized leader in management education and research.

The school offers its degree, custom and certification programs in learning locations in North America and Asia. Skip to main content. News at Smith. Anil K. About the University of Maryland's Robert H. Copyright Robert H.


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